Sauble Beach

By the Bay is located 25 minutes north of Sauble Beach. It's the mother of all beaches in Ontario and is a nice place to swim on Lake Huron. Sauble Beach also has some shopping and dining for visitors to enjoy. While Sauble Beach is a favorite destination, there are other beaches in the area that many guests appreciate just the same.

Red Bay Beach – A nice children friendly beach located in Red Bay up against Lake Huron. Head south out of Pike Bay (about 15 minutes) on scenic Sunset Drive. Look for park signs once inside Red Bay.

Sandy Beach - Located in Black Creek Provincial Park at Myles Bay (20 minutes north of Pike Bay), Sandy Beach is ideal for children or for families wanting to enjoy the warm waters of Lake Huron and relax on a beach. There is good parking and no fee for the visit. Dogs are not permitted on the beach.

Berford Lake - The municipal park offers good swimming, picnicking and the best drinking water on the Bruce Peninsula (out of an underground spring). Berford Lake is ideal for those who find the waters of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron too cold. Located about 25 minutes from Pike Bay, motorists turn left at the Mar Side road and look for the municipal park sign.

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