817 Pike Bay Road
Pike Bay,Bruce Peninsula
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By The Bay 2020 Campground Rules
“We are a quiet family-oriented resort”

    1. No fireworks, firearms or fire lanterns permitted on By the Bay property including the dock and cottage sites.
    2. Marijuana or illegal drugs are not permitted on By the Bay property.
    3. Alcohol is to be restricted to your site subject to Provincial Liquor Laws.
    4. Theft, violence or inappropriate behaviour is cause for immediate eviction.
    5. No tents allowed overnight on cottage, motel or park sites without permission.
    6. Quiet hours are from 10pm to 9am and this includes the playground.
    7. No outdoor music or excessive noise.
    8. No lewd talk, drunkenness or foul language and/or behaviour.
    9. Campfires are to be kept small within the perimeter of the fire pit burning only dry seasoned wood.
    10. Campfires are to be monitored and extinguished when no supervision is present.
    11. Dogs are permitted only if they are leashed, picked up after and never left alone.
    12. Children are not permitted unattended by an adult in common areas such as the dock or playground.
    13. The speed limit for ALL motorized vehicles in the campground laneways is 5km/h.
    14. Please conserve energy by shutting off lights and using minimal water.
    15. No baby wipes/personal wipes, condoms, feminine hygiene products, grease or diapers are to be flushed down the toilet or put down sinks.
    16. Day Visitors are free between 9am-10pm and are the responsibility of the registered guest of the site/accommodation.
    17. No more than 2 vehicles per site and no washing of vehicles on By the Bay property.
    18. By the Bay assumes no responsibility for personal injury, loss through theft, fire, collision, damage to personal property including vehicles regardless of the cause.
    19. By the Bay reserves the right to refuse and evict guests who do not abide by the rules.  If a guest is under the influence at the time of eviction the OPP will be contacted to deal with the situation.