817 Pike Bay Road
Pike Bay,Bruce Peninsula
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By The Bay 2017 Campground Rules

Camp, Cottage & Motel Rules:

  • Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  • Campfires are to be kept to a reasonable size and within the perimeters of your fire pit.
  • Under no circumstances shall anything other than dry seasoned wood be burned in campfires.
  • Campfires are to be extinguished before you retire for the evening.
  • Absolutely no FIREWORKS are to be let off on the dock or property owned by By The Bay.
  • Ignoring this rule will result in eviction.
  • Dogs are not to be left alone at your site, cottage or motel room.
  • You must scoop your dog’s poop and the dog must be on a leash at all times.
  • Respect your neighbor’s privacy. Use only the road or common areas.
  • Do not cross sites without permission.
  • Children are your responsibility and parents will be responsible for any damage or vandalism caused by their children.
  • Playground closes at dark. Please ensure your children know this.
  • Children swimming down at the dock need to be supervised.
  • Motorcycles, mini-bikes, or ATV’s are not to be used for joyriding around the campground.
  • No Bikes allowed on the dock.
  • The speed limit is 5km/hour.
  • Please attempt to conserve all energy.
  • Do not leave the water running and turn the lights off before leaving.
  • Perceived excessive energy use will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Do not flush feminine products, baby/personal hygiene wipes, grease, condoms, diapers, etc. down any toilet. Remember, this is your site as well as ours.
  • Please help to keep it clean by leaving no litter/garbage behind.
  • There is a dumpster located beside the store for garbage disposal needs.
  • Guests staying in motel rooms and cottages are responsible for their dishes. If they leave dishes behind they are susceptible to an extra cleaning fee.
  • There will be a charge for any stolen property from our motel and cottages such as towels, coffee makers, etc.
  • Please bring your own lawn chairs to use around the campfire or use the provided picnic table.
  • Please do not use the kitchen table chairs in the motel rooms and cottages for outdoor use.
  • Check in time for guests is 3pm and check out time is 11am.
  • Playground, dock, boat launch and other campground common areas are for your use but at your own risk. The Park Owner assumes no responsibility for injury suffered while using these areas.
  • The property owner assumes no responsibility for loss through fire, theft, collision, or other damage to trailers, additions, improvements, cars, or other vehicles regardless of cause.